Bubble Shooter – Game Of The Decade

bubble-shooterIf you have never played Bubble Shooter game before, you must be a little kid or a very old person, because this game is popular among people of all ages, all over the world. The game was created long time ago, but still, people use to play it when they have spare time at work, at school or at home. The idea of the game is pretty simple – there are a lot of bubbles in front of you, you have a bubble cannon that can shot a bubble. If you manage to match 3 or more bubbles of similar color, they will disappear from the board and you will be given some bonus points. Your mission get as many points as you can.  Another interesting feature by Bubble Shooter game is that everytime you make 6 shots, a new row of bubbles will appear, that’s why it is recommended to think twice before making a shot. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the board, you will lose the game and have to start it from the beginning.  Playing Bubble shooter is rather simple – just set the angle using your mouse and make a shot using the right click of your mouse. Sometimes, it is better to make a shot using the left or right border of the board, keep this in mind. Bubble shooter and other games like this you can play at Friv Gaming Portal for free, check it out.

Bubble shooter is a game without end. You won’t find different levels in this game. The only mission of the player is to collect as much points as he can.  Hope you will have great time playing Bubble shooter flash game at our page and will share it with your friends.  Have Fun.